"Unicel pool filter cartridges"

So what exactly are pool cartridges? Even though there are manufacturing brands that make both filter cartridges as well as the filtration systems, brands like Unicel make after market filter cartridges. these filter cartridges are an important product, as filter cartridges need to be changed every couple of years to maintain the sanitization of your swimming pool.

Reportedly, Unicel pool filter cartridges are the best selling and most efficient filter cartridges available to buy. Been in business for over 45 years, Unicel filter cartridges are known for their superior clean ability. Unicel filter cartridges use a special synthetic material to make their cartridges allowing for a greater dirt holding capacity, and they also resists chemicals that are used in the day to day maintenance of your pool. Unicel pool filter cartridges also boast few other qualities making it the most desirable of brands to purchase.

What makes Unicel pool filter cartridges special?

  1. Holds a greater volume of dirt
  2. Resists chemicals that are added to your pool
  3. Uniform pleats
    1. Maximize flow
    2. Minimize pressure
  4. End caps are made from chemical resistant material and are a perfect fit to avoid leakage. The best part about the end caps is that they have their part number clearly marked on them!
  5. The core is a solid one piece structure! This maintains the integrity of the Unicel filter cartridge. The holes in the filter cartridge are placed tactically in a way to maximize the water flow.
  6. Core support allows the Unicel filter cartridge to be stronger and hence last longer.

Unicel is a leading brand in filter cartridge production, an innovator, a benchmark, a high quality standard!

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