"Perfecting the imperfections with SMB pool filter cartridges"

Although relatively new in the world of filter cartridges, SMB filter cartridges have made a space for themselves quite comfortably in the world of filters. Some brands such as Unicel produce both filter cartridges and filtration systems. Others on the other hand, make generic after market filter cartridges which are cheap but as efficient as the big guns. The SMB brand is one such manufacturer. Making a name for itself in a very short amount of time SMB filters are known for their cost efficiency, the special synthetic material with which they make their cartridge filters, and the innovative design of their filter cartridges.

Since they are relatively new in the market, SMB replacement filter cartridges have worked out the tweaks with various other cartridge filters! They use both innovations in creating a new cartridge filter but they also perfect the imperfections of other brands. SMB filter cartridges are geared up to be termed the benchmark brand of filter cartridges.

What’s so special about SBM replacement fitter cartridges?

  • SMB filter cartridges are made of a special synthetic paper like fabric that stops even the smallest of particles from re-entering the pool water.
  • The pleats of the SMB filter cartridges are uniform which allows the efficient circulation of water.
  • Strategically planned holes not only make the filter cartridge look pretty, but keep the filter cartridge prettier for longer as it efficiently allows water to pass through the filter cartridge.
  • The end caps are made of a special material that is completely leak free!
  • The filter cartridge is made with material that is resistant to chemicals that you put in your pool on a day to day basis.
  • The core, which is the backbone of your SMB filer cartridge, is one solid piece which makes the filter cartridge stronger and more durable.

They say old is gold, but what if someone kept all the good and tweaked the imperfections and sold it to you for a lower price! You would definitely consider buying that product! We at ultracleanfilters.com strongly believe that if the best filter cartridge also happens to cost the least, you need to go buy that NOW!

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