Jacuzzi filter cartridges: fancier than the average pool filter cartridges

Primarily a hot tub manufacturer, the Jacuzzi brand prides itself on the best quality aftermarket filter cartridges in the market. Since the Jacuzzi brand is associated with relaxation and environmentally friendly efficient hot tubs, it is but obvious that Jacuzzi pool filter cartridges will be both high end and cost efficient.

The Jacuzzi brothers started a tradition of innovation making it the biggest brand name in hot tubs. This innovation continues today as they diversify into filter production and boast premium quality filter cartridges as well.

what makes Jacuzzi filter cartridges so fancy?

  • Innovative Jacuzzi filter cartridge design: the cartridge bands are placed strategically to allow the efficient flow of water but at the same time makes the Jacuzzi filter cartridge prettier, and last longer
  • Special material is used to make the Jacuzzi filter cartridge that doesn’t allow even the tiniest of pollutants to pass through.
  • Fits easily into various different types of and brands of filtration systems.
  • Chemical proof and fool proof design.

It is recommended to change your Jacuzzi filter cartridge once every couple of years to account for the wear and tear of everyday use. On a weekly basis, maintain your Jacuzzi filter cartridge by hosing it off to keep it energy and cost efficient.

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