"Replacement Pool Filter Cartridges"

So you bought a pool. You bought a filtration system. You bought a pump. You followed the weekly and daily maintenance schedule to keep your swimming pool sanitized. But you read on the internet that every couple of years you need to change your filter cartridge. Hence the golden question: ‘HOW DO I KNOW WHEN TO CHANGE MY FILTER CARTRIDGE’!

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Lucky for you, we at ultracleanfilter.com have a guideline that you can follow to help determine when that filter cartridge needs to be replaced!

There is bound to be debris in every swimming pool since human beings in general are just not as clean as they seem! But other contaminants such as leaves, algae, sand, and even sun tan lotion particles need to be filtered out from your pool on daily basis. Assuming that your pump horsepower is right for your pool, and that you maintain a weekly schedule of maintaining your swimming pool and filter system, there are 2 basic rules of when you might need to consider replacing your swimming pool filter cartridge.

If there is a tear in your filter cartridge you need to replace it now! The bigger the whole the more debris gets in. the more debris that gets in the more it gunk’s up your pump. The dirtier your pump gets the bigger the chance that it could burn or crash. It’s better to replace your filter cartridge than investing in a new pump in the long run.

The second way of knowing that your filter isn’t working up to par is when the water pressure goes down. This is the time to replace your filter cartridge.

A rule of thumb is to replace your filter cartridge every couple of years since even if they are well maintained, the grids do become loose over time allowing more debris to enter your pool.